Getting started with Safefood 360° is typically a three step process. It is recommended you have already completed the Initial Setup as well as read the preceding two chapters in this manual before continuing.

1. Master Data & Documents

The first step involves the input or import of your master data (Products, Ingredients, Items of Equipment, Suppliers, Employees etc.) and documents (SOP’s, Records, Specifications etc). It is recommended that you complete this first because nearly every other part of the program will need this information to be present.

You can either complete this process manually or speak with your Safefood 360° sales representative who will talk to you about our master data and document import options which will greatly reduce the effort required.

2. Setup Programs

The next step is to pick a handful of modules like Internal Auditing, Calibration, Cleaning, Pest Control, Customer Complaints (for example) and define your programs. We recommend that you start with a few small modules to get accustomed to the system while not overwhelming your minimal resources. This is one of the many great benefits of Safefood 360° – you can convert over at your own pace and in your own time. The most successful implementations are those which are phased and so that the manager and team are not under any additional undue stress by the conversion.

3. Start Recording

Once your master data and documents are in place and a few programs have been defined, you can get to work and start using the system.