There are a small few simple things you need to do prior to getting started with the software.

Getting a New Account Started (Video)

1. Accept Invitation

Accept Invitation

Our team will give you access to the account. Just accept the invitation that you’ve received in your email and follow the instructions.

2. Sign In

There are two ways you can sign in to the software

  1. By clicking ‘Sign In’ at the top of the Safefood360° website as shown above.
  2. Or by book marking (saving as a favorite) the direct url:

3. Customize Plant Settings

Next you should tailor your plant settings to your own locale by choosing your timezone and preferred date format. See the article on Plant Settings for further assistance.

4. Invite Users

Finally, you should invite the rest of your team members who will be using the software. Refer to the article on Managing Users for help in doing so.

You’re now ready to Get Started.