The system summary allows the user to define and record the high level information describing the site and scope of the food safety information. It also contains the high level information often requested by an auditor at the beginning of an evaluation of the site.

1. Manage System Summary Details

Manage System Summary Details
  1. The plant name is the same as your site name in the software
  2. Enter the address of your plant, facility, site, or factory.
  3. Select the food safety team leader at this plant.
  4. Select the food safety team deputy at this plant.
  5. Enter the number of staff employed.
  6. Enter the production cycle.
  7. Enter the shift cycles in operation.
  8. Enter the scope of the food safety system.
  9. Enter any food safety certifications and their details.
  10. Summarize the products prepared at this plant.
  11. Enter the plant registration number (FDA, USDA etc).
  12. Select the regulatory bodies which audit this plant.
  13. Briefly describe your food safety policy / mission statement.
  14. Select the name and date of the person signing this record.