1. Download Latest Version to your Computer

Download Latest Version to your Computer

Documents are not directly editable within the Safefood360˚ software. In order to modify a document you should first download it to your computer. There are two ways to download a document.

  1. Click Actions > Download, or
  2. Click the latest Version number or File Name in the Version History table.

Either of these actions will prompt the ‘File Download’ box allowing you to save the document on your desktop or other folder.

2. Modify Document on your Computer

Open the document from your download location and modify it in Word, Excel or whatever program necessary for the file type. Save.

3. Add New Document Version

When you are finished modifying your document you can now upload it as a new version. See the article on how to Add a New Document Version to do so.

Once you have added a new document version you can simply delete the previously downloaded document from your computer.