1. Add a Supplier Corrective Action

To add a Supplier Corrective Action you must:

1. Traverse to the Supplier Control Module through PRP Control.
2. Select “Add Supplier Corrective Action” while in the Supplier Control Module.
2. Choose the applicable supplier from the supplier drop down list and then select “Create”.

2. Corrective Action Details

1. Nonconformance / Requirement: The details related to the nonconformance / what the supplier is required to complete.

2. Comments / Observations: Comments / Observations for this Nonconformance.

3. Risk: Risk associated with the Nonconformance.

4. Responsible (Action): Responsible for supplier’s corrective action repsonse in the next stage. This contact is usually the main contact for the supplier in question.

5. Responsible (Review): Responsible for review stage. Usually the Customer for which the Supplier is providing the response

6. Due Date: Date this Supplier Corrective Action is due to be completed by.

3. Corrective Action Response – (Supplier Only)

This section gives the supplier an opportunity to respond to the corrective action. The contact chosen as “Responsible (Action)” in the previous stage will receive an email notification notifying them that they must complete this stage. The supplier in question is required to complete the following steps:

1. Investigation / Root Cause Analysis: A short overview of the investigation conducted concerning the corrective action.

2. Corrective Action: Details of the actions that have been taken by the supplier to correct the situation.

3. Prevention Action: Any preventative actions that will prevent the problem from re-occurring in the future.

4. Completion Date: Date completed.

5. Add File: An ption for the supplier to add a file if applicable.

4. Review Response

Here you are required to review the supplier’s response and then create a review report for the supplier to view. Then, choose one of the options listed below. The contact chosen as “Responsible (Review)” in the “Corrective Actions Details” stage will receive an email notification notifying them that they must complete this stage.

1. Additional Information Required: If you require additional information from this supplier. This option can be chosen multiple times until all necessary information has been submitted by a supplier. (See steps 5 & 6 below)

2. Closed – Approved: If you wish to close this supplier corrective action and approve the Supplier Corrective Action.

3. Closed – Not Approved: If you would like to close this supplier corrective action but do not wish to approve the corrective action.

4. Closed – Dropped: If you wish to close this corrective action and take no action.


5. Additional Information – (Supplier Only)

If “Additional Information Required” was selected in the Review Stage, the Supplier will be prompted to respond again in the “Additional Information Stage”.

6. Additional Review

You will once again be required to review your supplier’s response and decide if this Supplier Corrective Action is approved or not and then close this Supplier Corrective Action to complete.