Learn about the Supplier Portal

This video shows the Supplier Portal in action. Start learning all the necessary skills to be 100% successful with the Supplier Portal in less than 5 minutes. Make yourself a cup of tea, sit back and watch this introduction.

What is Safefood 360°?

Safefood 360° is a software platform for the management of food safety and quality related matters.

One of your customers is using Safefood 360° to manage their records such as corrective actions, documents, or material specifications, and would like you to work with the system to make the process more reliable and efficient for each of you.

What is the Supplier Portal?

The Supplier Portal is a part of the Safefood 360° software that allows you to securely log in and complete work in real time together with your customer. You can for example, fill-in questionnaires, upload documents, and respond to corrective actions and the results will be immediately received by your customer.

In the Supplier Portal you will only see records and activities that are open and have been assigned to you – so it is the perfect way to manage the communication between you and your customer.

The Supplier Portal allows you to be notified whenever new tasks are opened and you might receive an email or an SMS depending on the type of alert that is configured. These alerts will make sure you know when there is a job waiting for completion.

Once you log in and complete the outstanding task, your customer will then receive a finished record in their system without you having to contact them directly.

How do you log in to the Supplier Portal?

How do you log in to the Supplier Portal?

You should first receive an invitation in your email that allows you to set up a password. Your email address is your username.

After you have selected a password you can log in with your new credentials at: https://go.safefood360.com

What can I do in the Supplier Portal?

“ABC Food Company Inc” in the above picture is the name of the customer that wants the supplier to provide some information.

  1. Clicking your name on the top will open up your profile page where you can change your own settings
  2. This menu allows you to access lots of helpful resources if you need support
  3. The “Dashboard” is the page you will land on when you log in – it shows you all your open actions
  4. “Complaints” allows you to file or answer all complaints, as well as view the related records and attachments associated with them
  5. “Assessments” contains self-assessments, supplier audits, etc.
  6. “Shipments” allows you to provide your customer information regarding a specific shipment of goods
  7. “Documents” allows you to control the documents your customer needs
  8. “My Actions” shows you any of your open tasks in the Supplier Portal that need to be completed
  9. “My Alerts” will contain any alerts you need to be aware of

Accessing open actions

The easiest way to access open actions is through the “Dashboard” where all actions are collected in the “My Actions” tab. You can click any of the links in the “Action Required” column to open the task in that line.

Alternatively, actions can be opened by going through each module, but this is typically not necessary as the most recent activities will be found on the front page.

Working with Assessments

From time to time your customer might ask you to complete a self assessment or to work on supplier audits. The main tasks in these assessments are providing either a) documents or b) answers to some checklist questionnaires.

Learn about Assessments

See assessments in action by watching the above video.

Filling in the Details Stage

The customer requires you to enter the name of the person who completes this assessment along with their position. You then need to press Save & Submit and move on to the next stage.

Downloading Response documents

When a supplier wishes you to complete a document they can upload the document for you through Safefood 360°.

In order for you to download and complete it, simply click the document icon next to the Requirement details. Your download should start automatically.

Uploading response documents

Once you have finalized the documents your customer requires, click “Add File” and you’ll be able to upload the relevant documents from your computer/tablet.

Note: If you would like to view these documents later they will be saved in the Documents module.

Setting review dates

Sometimes your customer might ask you to provide a review date for the document you are uploading. For example, this could be the expiry date of your certification document.

When the review date occurs, an automatic document review will open up and notify both you and your supplier about the out-of-date document that needs to be re-uploaded.

The review date can be set manually by typing or by using the calendar feature provided.

Completing the checklist if necessary

There may be a checklist or doclist associated with an audit or self assessment. Work your way through the checklist. Any files that you attach here will not go automatically to the “Documents” module but will rather stay as attachments in the record itself.

You can also include any additional notes or observations in the report section.

Saving the assessment

Saving the assessment

Pressing “Save” will allow you to save a draft version of the record before submitting your final answer.

Important: Once you click “Save & Submit” you are not able to edit your answers until your customer has reviewed your documents.

Once you are ready to submit your answers, click “Save & Submit”.

Working with Corrective Actions

In some cases, a customer may want you to respond to a corrective action, e.g., a document you provided was not the required document. The Corrective Action workflow allows you to have a back and forth conversation with your customer.

Learn about Corrective Actions

Explore Corrective Actions in under 4 minutes.

Corrective Actions showing up on the Dashboard

When you log in to the Supplier Portal you will see any open tasks. In the example above, an outstanding Corrective Action that must be responded to is highlighted.

Corrective Action Details – (Customer Only)

This section gives you background information for the Corrective Action that has been filed by your customer.

  1. The source from where the corrective action came from is displayed. Other sources not displayed include audits and assessments completed by your customer.
  2. The details related to the nonconformance / what is required of you as a supplier to complete the action are shown in this field.
  3. These are comments / observations given by the customer. In this case the document we have provided seems to have been out of date.
  4. The risk associated with your nonconformance.
  5. The person responsible for the Corrective Action Repsonse. This is the next stage that you are required to compelted (see below).
  6. The date this Corrective Action is due to be completed by.

Fill in the Corrective Action Response

This section is your opportunity to respond to the corrective action.

  1. Enter a short overview of the investigation you conducted concerning the corrective action
  2. Detail the activities you have taken to correct the situation
  3. List any preventive actions that will prevent the problem from re-occurring in the future
  4. Date you completed this Corrective Action Repsonse
  5. If you were asked to submit files or documents by your customer you can do so by clicking “add file” and sourcing the relevant documents from your computer.
  6. See Save vs Save & Submit

Wait for a response from your customer

Once you have responded to the corrective action it is time for your customer to review your response. They will notify you if they need anything more.

If your customer requires more information the corrective action will remain open and you can respond to the customer, otherwise if everything was fine, the record will be closed.

Working with Complaints

In the event that a customer files a complaint against your company you can view the full details of their issue here. The complaints tab will display complaints that are currently open for your attention.

These complaints can be registered for a variety of reasons, including failure to guarantee a satisfactory level of quality, quantity, or any unagreed deviations from or failure to deliver in the manner agreed.

When complaints are filed it is possible to view them but not respond. If your customer is seeking action on the matter they will launch a corresponding corrective action that you can answer.

Document Review

A Document can be reviewed for a variety of reasons including audit, legislation change, scheduled, standard requirement, or other reasons.

When a Document is scheduled for review you will receive an email notifying you that a document is awaiting review. You will also be able to see a document review action in your Dashboard under your My Actions tab as seen in the picture above. To enter the review, you can click the link on the email notification you recieved or click on ‘Awaiting Document Review’ while in the ‘My Actions’ tab.

This section gives you the opportunity to review a document. To review the document, you can follow the steps below:

1. Document: Selecting this will take you to the document in question.

2. Date: When the review is due.

3. Replace: Clicking Replace will allow you to source an alternative document directly from the PC you are currently using. However, you will still need to follow the approval workflow in the Documents module in the Master Data center.

4. Reason for the review: Why is the document being reviewed.

5. Next Review: The date entered here will be reflected in the Document and the new Review Record will not be generated until this new date.

6. Completed By: The name of the person completing the review, from the drop-down menu.

7. Requirement: Actions that have to be followed to complete the document review.

8. Save / Save & Submit: See Save vs Save & Submit

When the document review is open and awaiting completion it can accessed through the My Actions tab on your main dashboard.

When the document review is finalized and you wish to complete, click Save and Submit and the completed record will be entered into the system.