When using Response Templates for your Customer Complaints you have the option of using a Microsoft Word file with MergeFields so that when the complaint response is generated it will replace certain information in your Word file with information from the Complaint Record itself. This can save you time and reduce the likelihood of errors in manually transcribing complaint data to the response letter.

Inserting Merge Fields

Inserting Merge Fields

Note that this will only work with Microsoft Word files 2007 or higher. The file extension of these files will be docx. If you upload a file that is not Word 2007 or higher (e.g. a PDF or older Word file) then the document will still be provided to the user on the Complaint record but no MergeFields will be replaced.

In your Word document go to Insert > Quick Parts > Field. Select MergeField from Field names. In the Field name enter the field you want to insert, from this list;

  • ComplaintDate
  • ComplaintCustomerName
  • ComplaintCustomerPostalAddress
  • ComplaintCustomerPhysicalAddress
  • ComplaintSource
  • ComplaintMethod
  • ComplaintConsumerSalutation
  • ComplaintConsumerFirstName
  • ComplaintConsumerLastName
  • ComplaintConsumerAddress
  • ComplaintConsumerPurchased
  • ComplaintConsumerPhone
  • ComplaintConsumerMobile
  • ComplaintConsumerEmail
  • ComplaintProductName
  • ComplaintProductQuantity
  • ComplaintProductDateOfManufacture
  • ComplaintProductDurabilityDate
  • ComplaintProductDurabilityDateType
  • ComplaintProductIdentifier
  • ComplaintProductTraceNumber
  • ComplaintProductBrand
  • ComplaintProductProductionUnit
  • ComplaintNonconformance
  • ComplaintDescription
  • ComplaintReference
  • ComplaintResponsibleReview

You can add as many of the above MergeFields as you need to complete your Complaint Response Template. Click here to download a sample template.