Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set up a program in Safefood 360°?

This really depends on the type of program, the number of resources your company has, and how important the implementation of Safefood 360° is in relation to other projects. In Safefood 360° a program is a subset of a module; for instance the Maintenance module may have many different programs for weekly, monthly or yearly checks. With an internal champion and support from us, it could be as little as one month to implement the entire software. In a phased rollout, which is preferred by many customers, it may take 6 months. Safefood 360° can work with you to help organize the correct implementation for your company.

How do Utilities work with programs and modules?

Utilities are a storage place for many different things you might use in any given module. For example, you can add employees under Utilities -> Employees and then use one of those employees as an approver for a supplier review in the the Supplier Control module. When completing a program you can select items from Utilities such as documents, employees, materials and others.

How can I schedule tests and get alert emails?

Many programs include an option to schedule an alert. When creating a program, click on the Enable Scheduler check-box and then fill out when you would like it to start, how often it should recur, and how many days prior to the scheduled date it should show up in the “Actions” tab (this is the “Action Notice”). There is an addition option to send an email by clicking on “send email notification” and then selecting the user you would the email to be delivered to. Make sure the email recipient’s contact information has been completed in the Utilities folder.

How do I give users different levels of access in Safefood 360°?

In the very top, right hand side of the software there is a link called “settings”. Click on this, and then “Users” in the subsequent page. You can search for the user you would like to modify in the bottom right had corner of the page, or scroll through, and click on the user. From here you can change their role to a custom or default Safefood 360 role.

What is a module and how is this different from a program?

Modules include many different kinds of programs. For example, the Microbiological Control Module might have a program to test a water storage tank, fill lines, and different kinds of filter housings. Each one of these programs can be created and edited with different specifications under the Microbiological Control Module.

Where do I request new features in Safefood 360°?

The Ideas portal in our help center! You can review existing ideas, see where they are in our product development pipeline, and vote on existing ideas. Or, add a new one. Once our development team has reviewed a new idea and approved it you can monitor it’s progress here.