Add a Monitoring Program

This form is used to setup specific programs that are outside the scope of the standard modules within Safefood 360°. These are typically operational and process control programs such as those required for CCP monitoring and operation PRP’s. Examples include daily production and product tests, CCP monitoring checks and temperature control monitoring. Programs in this module are built from Tests which are set up in the Tests module under Master Data.

Introduction to Monitoring Module

1. Enter Monitoring Program Details

  1. Enter the name of the program.
  2. Enter the scope of the program.
  3. Conduct a brief risk assessment and enter your justification.
  4. Select the Employee or Supplier who is responsible for this program.

2. Enable Program Schedule

See article on program scheduling for further assistance.

3. Define the Program Specification

Monitoring is built up from two elements: Sample points and Tests. Sample point is whatever thing you are making the tests about, and tests are the actual specifications for what you are about to record. Tests can include Variable tests, Attribute tests, but also Open Data, and Master Data. Mixing and matching all kinds of tests, open data and Master Data allows you to build very rich monitoring forms in a matter of minutes.

  1. Select the sample points to be monitored or tested. You can select from your list of Products, Materials, Ingredients, Services and Items of Equipment. If required you can select the same sample point multiple times.
  2. Now define your test specification. These are the Variable and Attribute tests which you will have already created in the Tests module.  You can also select some ‘Non Test Data’ which you may need to record along with the test results. There are two types of non test data. The first is ‘Open Data’ which you can define in the Tests module and the second is ‘Master Data’ which is already defined under the Master Data center.
  3. If the test is related to a CCP you may tick the box.
  4. The description fields come from the Tests module and are for your information only, so you may not edit the contents here.
  5. If you check the mandatory field then the operator will have to complete the Test or they will be unable to save the record.

4. Define Verification Checklist

  1. Select the checklist that will be presented at the Verification stage of the workflow.