Diagram Drawing Tool

You will find the Diagram Drawing Tool in a number of modules throughout the system including:

1. Drawing Tool Overview

  1. Document Name
  2. Toolbar
  3. Search function for icons and shapes
  4. Icons and Shapes.
  5. Design toolbar
  6. Your drawing canvas.

2. Adding Icons and Shapes

Simply click, hold, drag and release shapes and icons to place them on the drawing surface. Once on the drawing surface you can double click the shape to add text.

3. Changing Zoom Level

Select a desired viewing level through zooming in and out.

4. Changing Font and Font Size

Click on the box containing the font you wish to change and select  Font or Font Size to change to a desired font and font size.

5. Hyperlinking

It is now possible to hyperlink from the chart. Simply select the icon you wish to include the hyperlink, then click the hyperlink icon from the toolbox, enter your link and click ‘apply‘.

6. Printing Diagrams

6.1. Select Actions > Print

6.2. Previewing and Printing

As plans can be large and span multiple pages you can select from the menu before you print to preview it at an appropriate scale to ensure accuracy. When you are happy with the quality of the plan you can select print.

7. Sample Diagrams

Here are some sample diagrams to demonstrate what can be created with this tool.

7.1. Organization Chart

7.2. Food Safety Plan/ HACCP Flow Diagram

7.3. Food Safety Plan/ HACCP Flow Diagram

7.4. Traceability Flow Chart

7.5. CIP Schematic

7.6. Pest Control Site Map

7.7. Kitchen Layout